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Catacomb of Monte Stallone in Formello (RM)

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MSF_01 Galleria


Via della Villa, 101 - 00060 Formello RM

Opening Time

It is possible to visit the catacomb by request in the Agro Veientano Museum of Formello


Tel: +39 06 90194240-239

Email: museo@comune.formello.rm.it

Sito web: http://www.comune.formello.rm.it/pagina2921_catacomba-di-monte-stallonehm.html

Annual closing


Discovery in the 60s of last century, the catacomb is accessed from the east side of the hill Monte Stallone.

The Hypogeum has five short tunnels and a cubicle mainly occupied by graves at burial niche; also the walk floor was used for burials. The tombs were sealed by tiles or bricks and mortar and the wall surfaces were coated with a layer of simple white or colored plaster.

The general characteristics of the monument  refer to the fourth century, with a continuity of life that reaches up to the fifth century.