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Catacomb of Colle S. Quirico in Paliano

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CSQ_10 Galleria


SR155, 54, 03018 Paliano FR (Km 26 Via Prenestina)

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Tel: +39 0775 579735


The catacomb is located along Via Prenestina between Paliano and Serrone, on the hill of St Quirico. Its excavation was facilitated by the pre-existing underground tunnels used for quarrying volcanic pozzolana. It consists of three cores placed at different levels with respect to the limestone bank.

The burials were placed in funerary complexes (pilae) composed of four or five superimposed loculi and are closed by bricks. The archaeological material gathered from the site suggests activity between the fourth and fifth centuries, during which time the catacomb would have served a fairly large community residing in the nearby town.