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Catacomb of "Roma Vecchia"

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RMV_044 Cubicolo


Park of the Aqueducts, Viale Appio Claudio, Roma RM

Opening Time

Closed of the public


Tel. +39 06 4465610

E-mail: pcas@arcsacra.va


This is a small funerary hypogeum which consists of a large cubicle and some other secondary rooms. The catacomb is accessible via a deep stairwell.

The gallery of the staircase and the cubicle are lined with plaster which completely cover the walls. Furthermore, three marble sarcophagi, now partially preserved, are set in three large arches that open up along the walls of the main hall.

The other subterranean chambers house several graves of various types, thus demonstrating that, initially, the cemetery was excavated for private use, but was then extended to serve a wider community.