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Catacomb of St. Hylary "ad Bivium" at Valmontone (RM)

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ILA_01 Galleria loculi


Via Casilina KM 46, near to railroad T.A.V. 00038 Valmontone RM

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Closed to the public


Sito web: http://www.prolocovalmontone.it/it/catacombe-e-basilica-s-ilario


The catacomb is found in a rural location (called “St. Hilary”) at the 30th mile of the ancient Via Latina not far from the present-day centers of Colleferro and Valmontone. The cemetery is made up of a good number of galleries and cubicula that have given back epigraphic and ceramic materials (found today at the City Antiquarium of Colleferro).

In front of the catacomb an important open-pit cemetery lies that is delimited by a fence which preserves many tombs in masonry or excavated in the rock (fourth-fifth century).

On this funeral area, at the end of the eighth century, a small church stood (precisely the church of St. Hilary), which represents one of the best preserved examples of high medieval buildings for worship in Latium.