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Catacomb of St. Teodora in Rignano Flaminio (RM)

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TE0_008 Galleria destra


Via di Santo Sisinio 13, 00068 Rignano Flaminio RM

Opening Time

Opening by request

How to access

For the visit, go to the Proloco of Rignano Flaminio


Tel: +39 0761 597924 / 347 7343964

Email: proloco.rignano@virgilio.it


Catacomb from the fourth-fifth century, remarkably wide, with many graffiti inscriptions on the tomb closings.

It is located in the area of Rignano’s modern cemetery on the 39th kilometer of the Via Flaminia. It can be accessed from the eighteenth century cathedral dedicated to St. Theodora and the martyrs of the catacomb (Abbondius, Abbondantius, Marcianus and John).

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