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Catacomb of St. Victoria in Monteleone Sabino (RI)

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Piazza XXIV Aprile 1944, 21, 02033 - Monteleone Sabino RI

Opening Time

Temporarily closed to the public


Tel: +39 0765 884014

Email: info@comune.monteleonesabino.ri.it

Sito web: http://www.santuariodisantavittoriainmonteleonesabinorieti.it/


Fourth century catacomb attached to the Romanesque church dedicated to the martyr. The cemetery was made in pre-existing hydraulic and sandstone cavities excavated in the calcareous rock.

The catacomb is especially important for the particular funeral architecture characterized by large masonry niches and series of tombs built one over the other on several parallel planes.

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