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Catacomb of St. Zoticus, Vermicino RM

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Via del Vermicino - Rome (RM)

Opening Time

Closed to the public


Tel. +39 06 4465610

E-mail: pcas@arcsacra.va


The catacomb covers a large funerary area, consisting of a central gallery from which a series of secondary tunnels branch out. The tunnels span out regularly and display a fishbone arrangement

The oldest part is devoid of cubicles and arcosoli, and may be dated to the beginning of the fourth century. Evidence shows that it was probably in use for approximately a century. At the end of the main gallery is a space which was frequently remodelled over the years, and contains the tombs of the venerated martyrs.

In the immediate environs, there are several burials which are evidently and characteristically tombs of saints – ad sanctos. Among these, inside one of the cubicles, there is a mural painting with the four martyrs venerated in the catacomb: Zoticus, Ireneus, Giacinto and Amantius.