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Lamapopoli Cemetery Unit at Canosa (BT)

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Km 1 SS93, 76012 Canosa BT

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Over the span of five centuries, between the second and sixth century, the area of the small valley-like territory of ​​Ponte della Lama in Canos was home to a vast sepulchral settlement, consisting of a main catacomb, called St Sofia, and a series of other burial sites, both subterranean and not.

This vast burial network is in perfect harmony with the position and status achieved by Canosa during the fourth century - the capital of the province and as a diocesan centre of paramount importance. These sites are themselves witnesses and within them are preserved the great monumental structures of St Leucio, the baptistery of St John, and the imposing and articulated episcopal complex, attributed to the entrepreneur Bishop Sabino.

Since 2004, archaeological excavation campaigns have been carried out to highlight the importance of these sites. The excavations were carried out in collaboration with the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology, the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Puglia and the Department of Classical and Christian Studies of the University of Bari.

The intention is to bring to light and increase the accessibility of the entire network of underground funerary areas perforating the ridge of Ponte della Lama through the creation and maintenance of an archaeological (and scenic) park.