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Catacomb of Generosa

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Via delle Catacombe di Generosa - 00148 Rome RM

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The catacomb complex is located along Via Portuense, on the right bank of the meandering Tiber river. The catacomb of Generosa knows its the beginning to the fourth century AC, and forms part of an archaeological complex which is not only replete with Christian evidence but also, and above all, rich in its pagan heritage. In fact, in this area, a sacred site (called the Magliana sacred forest) was identified, including the old pagan school of the fratres Arvales, a priestly association whose origins goes back to the era of the Roman Republic.

The catacomb is excavated in a hill and extends on one level. The entrance to the hypogeum was enclosed within the basilica built by Pope Damaso during the second half of the fourth century. In the apse of this basilica, a fenestella confessionis opened onto the main area where martyrs were buried, thus bringing the cultic site into view, while a side door gave access to the underground rooms.