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Catacomb of St. Felicitas or Massimo

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FEL_01 Basilichetta Redentore


Via Simeto, 2 - 00198 Rome RM

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This funerary area is located along the Salaria Nova. The catacomb features a remarkable development of tunnels divided into three levels. On the first level, the oldest, is the small underground basilica dedicated to Silano, constructed towards the second half of the fourth century AC. The relics of the martyrs were placed inside the altar located in the lower part of the building.

Of note is a fresco depicting Jesus Christ the Redeemer, who graces St Felicitas and her seven children with the crowns of martyrdom. Sadly, only traces of the original wall painting remain, although a copy, commissioned by De Rossi, was executed by the painter Gregorio Mariani.