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Catacomb of St Pancrazio

Heart of a man, body of a child

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Piazza S. Pancrazio, 5/D - 00152 Roma RM

Opening Time

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 - 12:00 Wednesday 9:30 - 12:00 and 16:30 - 18:00


Tel: +39 0644208069

Email: segreteria@sanpancrazio.org

Sito web: www.sanpancrazio.org

Weeky Closing

Friday - Monday, Christmas, 1° Jenuary, Easter

Annual closing


How to reach us

ATAC: 19N, 44, 44F, 870, 871


"[...] Pancrazio answered [to Diocletian]: “Although my appearance is that of a child, the heart in my chest is that of a mature man [...]. Codice Vaticano Latino 5771

The first nucleus of the St Pancrazio complex stems from a previous Roman public cemetery dating to the 1st century AC. The catacomb, in written sources also referred to as ‘Coemeterium Otcavillae’, developed side-by-side to an exposed sub-surface area as well as to an underground area composed of four regiones (sections), still in use today.

Currently, the decorations within the complex are in a poor state of conservation due to the constant use of the catacombs over the years. Nonetheless, the catacomb provides several notable examples of impressively-made funerary architecture (ramps, stairs, retro sancta rooms, barrel vaults and arcosoli) as well as many testimonies on the important cultic worship linked to the figure of St Pancrazio.

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