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Catacomb of St. Panfilo

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PAN_03 Cubicolo decorato


Via Paisiello, 24 - 00198 Rome RM

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This funerary area is located along the Via Salaria Vetus. The catacomb is divided onto three levels. The oldest level runs deeper than the others, and over time grew in a ‘comb-like’ pattern. Archaeological evidence push the origins of this catacomb to the second half of the third century.

During the fourth century, two other levels were excavated above the first and older level. The intermediary level survived practically intact until the beginning of the twentieth century, with a considerable number of objects still fixed in the mortar sealing off the niches (loculi).

In the middle of the fourth century, another region was annexed to the oldest floor to house a double cubicle decorated with porphyry and with a pilastered entrance made of marble. The relics of the martyr Panfilo were placed within, and as a result, the site became a pilgrimage attraction during the sixth century, as evidenced by the numerous graffiti marking the walls.