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Catacomb of the Giordani

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IOR_05 Tre fanciulli


via Salaria 265 | angolo via Taro - 00199 Rome RM

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Email: protocollo@arcsacra.va


This funerary area is located on the left side of the Via Salaria Nova, beneath the site where the Villa Ada now stands. According to the findings recovered at the cemetery, the development of the catacomb may be dated to the second half of the third century AC; inscriptions which date as early as 269 AC were, in fact, identified.

To date, the catacomb is not preserved in a perfect condition, although it has receiving visitors until the sixteenth century. The cemetery galleries are divided into five levels, although not all of them have been fully explored. Worth noting is the Cubicle of the Exodus, which is completely covered with frescoes dating to the fourth century AC, and of particularly unique is the vault of the catacomb, depicting rarely portrayed episodes taken from the book which gives this catacomb its name.