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Anonymous catacomb of Via Anapo

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ANP_14 Nicchione Noè


Via Anapo, 6 - 00199 Rome RM

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Catacomb located along Via Salaria Nova, near the number n. 6 of Via Anapo. The site preserves the original complex dating to the second half of the third century AC, which was rediscovered fortuitously on 31 May 1578, a date that marks the birth of Christian Archeology. On that day, in fact, while some workers extracted some pozzolana from a quarry on the edge of via Salaria, the ground collapsed and tunnels appeared which were then attributed to the nearby catacomb of Priscilla, thus initiating the modern discovery of the Roman catacombs.

The cemetery consists of a long main gallery from which secondary branches branch out mostly characterized by cubicles and niches, some of which are entirely frescoed with themes taken from the Old and New Testaments, so as to provide a fundamental cross-section on the Christian pictorial production of Rome from the first decades of the 4th century.