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The Greater Cemetery

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MAG_0B Cubicolo con cattedra


Via Asmara, 6 - 00199 Rome RM

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This is a funerary area located along Via Nomentana, approximately 400 metres from the oblique-shaped complex of St Agnes. The catacomb originated during the third century AC, from an abandoned Roman rural village that, due to its neglected state, served as a sub-necropolis.

The complex is located on two levels, replete with tunnels, including one of the longest in Rome which almost extends up to 200 metres in length. Several wall paintings (frescoes) are preserved within this cemetery; the oldest date to the first half of the fourth century AC, while the bodies and remain of the martyrs are deposited within the catacomb.

Of note is the double cubicle. It is divided in two by an arch, has ribbed vaults, columns with capitals, a skylight, and, carved out from the rock, a ‘throne’ with an oleorum table to hold lamps. These used to be lit in honour of the martyrs. The ‘throne’ is not the only one of its kind present in the cemetery. In fact, there are seven others, all located in an area of ​​the catacomb dating to the fourth century AC, an area which was aptly called the ‘region of the thrones’.

Moreover, in the catacomb there are several other wall paintings depicting biblical episodes and scenes inspired from Christian life.