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Hypogeum of the Aureli

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AUR_02 Folla ingresso


Via Luigi Luzzatti, 2 - 00185 Rome RM

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Tel: +39 06 4465610; +39 06 4467601

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This small, private funerary complex is located along the ancient Via Labicana. The underground tomb, which belonged to a wealthy family of imperial free men and women, was discovered in 1919, during the construction of a garage, near the intersection between Viale Manzoni and Via Luzzatti. Despite the complete archival lacuna, it is possible to date the monument to the first half of the 3rd century AC thanks to the decorative and topographical elements present.


The funerary complex was surrounded by a masonry fence and had a double entrance (West side and North side). The hypogeum extends over two levels. The upper one, composed of crude brickwork, is very damaged and only few decorative fragments remain. The ground floor, on the other hand, is better preserved and contains fully decorated rooms with references to Greek mythology, the idyllic bucolic world, and scenes referring to a Hellenistic repertoire.