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Museum and Catacomb of Pretextatus

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Via Appia Pignatelli, 11 - 00178 Rome RM

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Tel: +39 064465610; +39 064467601

Email: protocollo@arcsacra.va




The two museums of the catacomb of Praetextatus preserve some of the most exemplary sarcophagi from classical and Christian Rome, apart from that of Emperor Balbino. Of particular importance are the marble arches portraying narratives inspired from the myth of Achilles and from the Great Hunt.

Another important find is the sarcophagus replete with trees, as well as that of Beteshda, both of which suggest a sophisticated sequence of scenes taken from the stories of the Old and New Testament.

For the occasion, one of the most monumental ambulacra of the catacombs, known as the ‘Spelunca Magna’, will also be accessible. Sources refer to the ‘Spelunca Magna’ as the place where some of the most important martyrs of the cemetery were laid to rest.