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Catacomb of St.Lucy in Siracusa

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Piazza S. Lucia, 96100 Siracusa SR

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The funeral area under the present-day Saint Lucy Square is made up by a community cemetery and some private hypogea that can be dated to the third, fourth and fifth centuries.

The complex is generally subdivided into four regions (A-D), connected by galleries, some of which were shut off and altered by the National Antiaircraft Protection Union during the last World War.

In this case more than in others, the cemetery’s genesis and development seem to echo the Roman prototypes. The topography of the two genetic nuclei (identifiable in regions A and B) seems to refer back to the Roman models, as well as the transformation of some sectors of the catacomb reserved for privileged tombs, into areas for worship in the period subsequent to its funeral use especially in the Byzantine era.