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Catacomb of Villagrazia di Carini (PA)

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VGC_02 Arcosolio dipinto


Via Nazionale , 3 - 90044 Carini PA

Opening Time

Open by request every Sunday 10:00 - 13:30 and 15:00 - 17:30 (Last entry at 17:00)


Tel: +39 327 9849519

Tel: +39 320 8361431

Email: info@archeofficina.com


With an area covering more than 2,500 square metres, the Villagrazia di Carini catacomb, recovered thanks to a modern technique in musealisation, promises an interesting journey to the underground Carini and the fifth century AC, prevalent in a Sicily grappling with Roman culture and Christian religion.

The cemetery served as the ancient centre of Hyccara (Roman Carini), mentioned in the Ininerarium Antonini as a statio on Via Valeria, dating to the fourth century AC. The fertile land and abundance of water, determines its favourable location, already popular from late antiquity and through to the early Middle Ages; in the sixth century, in fact, it became the seat of a rural diocese mentioned in the epistles of Pope Gregory the Great.

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