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Catacomb of Villa St. Faustino in Massa Martana

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FAU_006 Galleria loculi


Vocabolo Vigetti 84, 06056, Villa San Faustino / frz Massa Martana PG

Opening Time

Opening by request

How to access

To visit the catacomb go to the town hall of Massa Martana


Tel: +39 075 8951735

Email: affarigenerali@comune.massamartana.pg.it


This is a small catacomb located along the route of the ancient Via Flaminia which developed between the fourth and fifth centuries.

The simplicity of the tombs, predominantly loculi with no decorations, and the absence of epigraphic material confirm a kind of use linked exclusively to the rural people that resided in the area.

Recently, outside the catacomb, traces of a modest building of worship with only one nave have come to light. Its floor level appears to have been occupied by many tombs that are extremely differentiated in their typology. Among these, some more sophisticated solutions can be recognized that can be attributed to users from a higher class